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Rabbit Custom Monoclonal Antibody

Rabbit Custom Monoclonal Antibody



Rabbit monoclonal antibodies have the following advantages over mouse monoclonal antibodies: 1) higher affinity and specificity; 2) recognize more antigenic epitopes; 3) have more candidate positive clones; and 4) are easier to humanize. AssayVector's rabbit monoclonal antibody technology platform, which is built on proprietary core technology, takes advantage of the rabbit immune system's own strengths to obtain high specificity and affinity rabbit B. The platform takes advantage of the rabbit immune system to obtain highly specific and high affinity rabbit B lymphocytes, cultures the B lymphocytes to obtain antibody genes and sequences, and then recombinantly expresses them to obtain rabbit monoclonal antibodies with a high success rate and excellent quality. The platform is particularly suitable for the production of high-quality antibodies against various difficult targets, such as modified peptides, small molecules, cytokines and membrane proteins, which are weakly immunogenic in mice. Our service features:


●Free analysis of antigen sequences and antigen processing, design of antigens using professional antigen design software, combination of literature and comprehensive selection of immunogen sequences;


●A wide range of high quality antigens can be produced, including protein antigens, peptide antigens, and small molecule antigen activation couplings;


●The use of proprietary adjuvants to immunize animals maximizes efficacy;


●Small samples of 5-10 recombinant antibody strains can be provided for customer screening;


●Large samples of expression provide 1-50 mg of rabbit monoclonal antibody.


Service Description


Service Steps 









Antigen Preparation

• Protein expression or peptide synthesis and coupling
• SDS-PAGE Analysis


•  Protein Sample
•  Project Reports

Reference Protein Expression or Peptide Synthesis

Immunized animals and serum potency testing

• Immunize 2-4 rabbits
• Serum potency assay


• Rabbit Antisera Sample

• Potency Test Results



B cell isolation and culture

• B cell isolation and culture

• Positive Clone Screening

• Selection of 5-10 positive B-cell lines for sequencing


•  5-10 ELISA positive antibody sequences
•  0.1mL Supernatant/Clone

Small-scale recombinant antibody expression

• Construction of expression vectors

• Low level expression of recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibody
• Validation of antibodies expressed at low levels


•5-10 small samples of recombinant antibody (0.1 mg each)

Large scale recombinant antibody expression

• High-volume expression of recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies

• Validation of a recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibody


•1-50mg of customer-selected recombinant antibody



Service Commitment


  ●Customers were able to detect the target bands after performing endogenous Western blot or IP overexpression assay samples.

  ●Indirect ELISA with antiserum potency at least 1:160,000 against immunogen (including antibodies to modified proteins).


  ●The client has the right to be informed about the progress of the service project at any time and has full ownership of the results, patent rights.