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Custom Small Molecule Antibody


AssayVector can provide small molecule antibody preparation and kit development programs for small molecules in the areas of food safety, veterinary drug residues, and human and animal disease diagnostics. Small molecules are semi-antigens, reactive but not immunogenic. Only after coupling with carrier proteins (KLH, BSA, OVA, etc.) to form complete antigens are they immunogenic and antibodies are produced when they enter the body of an animal. According to the customer's demand for antibodies, Tianzhengyuan Biological can provide a series of services, such as free structure analysis and program development of small molecules, small molecule polyclonal antibody, small molecule monoclonal antibody production, and development of quantitative detection kits by competitive method. Small molecule antibodies are mainly used in:

· Rapid and safe detection of small molecules, kit development

· Food safety testing, such as antibiotics, drug residues, prohibited additives, drug abuse, etc.

· Disease-associated metabolic intermediates assays to monitor blood drug levels

· Drug testing, doping control, etc.

Service Description 

Service Steps 









Antigen Analysis and Design

Customers provide the structural formula of a small molecule, and the Company analyzes the feasibility and provides a plan.


Analysis Report




Antigen Preparation

Multiple carrier protein coupling based on customer supplied small molecule raw materials for immunization or detection


1mg modified peptide

Animal Immunization

Immunization of 4 rabbits with 5 immunizations per host, including an initial immunization (with complete Fuchs adjuvant) and 4 booster immunizations (with incomplete Fuchs adjuvant).


Rabbit serum 90 mL (other hosts separate)

Potency Test

The company determines ELISA potency by encapsulating the immunogen in an ELISA.


Project Reports

Antibody purification

Affinity Purification of Small Molecule Antibodies with Detection Antigens


Affinity purified antibody 5mg for 10ml antiserum (please specify if you require non-phosphorylated antibody)