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Tags and cell markers

Tags, also called antigenic epitopes and antigenic determinants, refer to the particular region or group of antigen molecules that determines the specificity of the antigen and the structure or sequence that specifically binds to the antibody. The fusion protein containing the target gene and epitope tag was constructed by DNA recombination technique, and then the fusion protein was identified and purified by specific tag antibody. Tag antibodies can be highly specifically combined with the corresponding tag fusion protein, which are common tools for researches on gene protein expression, signal transduction and gene function.

Cell markers, also known as cell surface antigens, can be used as cell surface antigens for the identification and classification of cells. Most cell markers are molecules or antigens on the surface of cell membranes. Unique to different cell types, there are specific markers or antigens that not only act as markers for specific cells, but also play key functional roles. It is possible to diagnose disease or direct treatment by identifying the presence of these specific markers.

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