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Mouse Custom Monoclonal Antibody



Monoclonal antibodies are immunoglobulins produced by hybridoma cells against a single antigenic determinant cluster, whose major advantages are high specificity, high sensitivity and robust batch stability. In recent years, monoclonal antibodies have demonstrated significant research value in protein research, drug screening, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases (including cancer).


      AssayVector has established a professional monoclonal antibody production platform since its inception. With years of experience in antibody R&D and production, we have improved all aspects of the service process of monoclonal antibody production, screening, purification and detection, with a very high preparation success rate. We have completed the development of more than 1000 mouse monoclonal antibody projects, including diagnostic monoclonal antibody, virus neutralizing monoclonal antibody, monoclonal antibody for virus subtype identification, bacterial monoclonal antibody, zebrafish monoclonal antibody, plant CHIP-grade monoclonal antibody, mycoplasma monoclonal antibody, progesterone-estrone monoclonal antibody, veterinary vaccine paired monoclonal antibody, and monoclonal antibody for drug screening. With rich practical experience and industry-leading core technology, we can provide one-stop monoclonal antibody preparation service for enterprises and researchers.


· Production of monoclonal antibodies against recombinant proteins, natural proteins, peptides, viruses, bacteria, small molecules, etc.

· Pesticides, chemicals and other small molecule antigens can be activated by Tianzhengyuan biological design and carrier protein coupling program.

· Monoclonal antibodies can be prepared for various species such as mouse, rat, rabbit, etc.

· Large-scale production of monoclonal antibodies (G grade or higher) can be achieved.

· Hybridoma sequencing, single-chain antibody production, recombinant antibody expression, and other recombinant antibody-related services.

· Follow-up services such as monoclonal antibody labeling, monoclonal antibody pairing, and kit development


Service Description


Service Steps 









Antigen Preparation

• Protein expression

• Peptide synthesis or small molecule activation coupling

• SDS-PAGE Identification and Analysis


• Protein Antigen (100ug)

• Peptide antigens or small molecule activators

• SDS-PAGE Identification and Analysis Results

          Reference Protein Expression or Peptide Synthesis

Immunized animals and serum potency testing

• 5-10 Balb/c mice immunized
• Serum potency assay


•Serum Sample




Fusion and screening

• Cell fusion

• Elisa Positive Clone Screening

• Two-cycle subcloning (computational)


•  1-3 ELISA positive clones

(frozen cell lines or live cells)
• 1-5mL supernatant/clone

Antibody generation and purification

• Small-scale hybridoma cell culture

• Ascites Preparation
• Antibody purification


•5-10 mg monoclonal antibody

QC Analysis and Subtype Identification

• SDS-PAGE and UV analysis


• Lab Report