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Mammalian Cell Protein Expression Service


Mammalian cells are capable of protein folding and post-translational modification, and the recombinant proteins they express are closest to the molecular structure, physical and chemical properties, and biological functions of natural proteins of higher organisms. AssayVector has an experienced technical team, using CHO cells and HEK293 cells in high-density suspension culture as expression hosts and proprietary protein expression vectors, we can ensure that the expression of proteins and antibodies can reach G grade level in a short period of time, and the purity can be as high as 95% or more. We provide mammalian cell expression and purification services to our customers, the main services include:

· Gene Design and Codon Optimization Expression Evaluation Report

· 6xHis, Fc, Flag, HA, Biotin and many other labeled eukaryotic expression vectors available

· Transient transfection of HEK293/CHO cells, protein purification conditions and SDS-PAGE identification results

· Protein post-processing such as label removal, endotoxin removal, MS identification, biotin labeling, fluorescein labeling, animal immunization and other related services     

Service Description:

Service Steps 









Gene Synthesis

• Target Gene Synthesis and Subcloning


• One copy of the constructed expression vector (containing the target gene sequence)




Vector construction

• Cloning to expression vectors

• Plasmid sequencing

• Bulk Plasmid Preparation


Expression Rating

• Transformation of suitable cells (HEK293/CHO)

• Low volume transfection

•SDS-PAGE analysis to evaluate protein expression


• Assessment results of Expression

Routine transient transfection expression(30ml)and purification

• Purification of transiently transfected cell supernatant

• Affinity Purification

• SDS-PAGE Analysis


• Feasibility Report

• If expression purification is feasible, a certain amount of protein samples will be provided to the customer depending on the expression situation

Bulk expression and purification (optional)

• Choice of 1L expanded culture or bioreactor

• Affinity Purification

• SDS-PAGE Analysis

Determined by volume

• Purified Protein

• SDS-PAGE Report

• Lab Report

Service Commitment

· Highly efficient expression vectors for more stable protein structure and properties and high protein activity

· We use a high-density expression system based on suspension cells

· Rapid production cycle, from sequence optimization to instant transfection to protein/antibody purification and data reporting in as little as 4 weeks