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Custom Polyclonal Antibody


Polyclonal antibodies can recognize multiple antigenic epitopes, and have become an indispensable tool for researchers to conduct immunological studies due to their short preparation time, low cost, and wide application, etc. With more than 5000 polyclonal antibody project R&D and production experience, AssayVector can provide polyclonal antibody preparation for rabbit, rat, mouse, guinea pig, goat, chicken and other hosts. We have successfully customized antibodies for the following protein genera: human, mouse, rat, zebrafish, silver carp, grass carp, yellow catfish, mandarin fish, sea cucumber, sea urchin, nematode, tetrapod, bacteria, virus, Arabidopsis thaliana, cyanobacteria, cotton, corn, rice, potato, rapeseed, wheat, etc. We have rich experience and can provide customized polyclonal antibodies for multiple species, antigens and platforms to maximize the success rate of antibody customization and ensure the success rate of antibody customization. Maximize the success rate of antibody customization.


· Free analysis of antigen sequences, use of professional antigen design software for antigen design combined with literature, extensive selection of immunogen sequences

· Provide high quality recombinant protein antigens (prokaryotic + eukaryotic), antigens for immunization (supernatant expression success rate >90%), purity >80%, concentration >1mg/ml

· Synthesize high purity peptide antigens, provide peptide quality control report; small molecule antigens using unique activation and coupling scheme

· Use of proprietary adjuvants to ensure adequate mixing of antigen and adjuvant, and multi-point subcutaneous injection to maximize the animal's serum potency

· Construction of a second set of vector-expressed proteins for serum purification to reduce the effect of tagged proteins on antibody specificity and to purify highly specific antibodies

Service Description

Service Steps 









Antigen Analysis and Design

Analyze protein immunogenicity, hydrophilicity, homology, etc. to select the appropriate specific sequence.


Analysis Report

Free Analysis

Antigen Preparation

Protein pathways, codon optimized synthetic genes, soluble expressed proteins


100ug protein sample or 1mg peptide sample

Reference Protein Expression or Bench Synthesis

Synthesized peptides were designed for specific protein binding site sequences and coupled to KLH

Animal Immunization

5 vaccinations per host, consisting of an initial vaccination (with complete Fuchs adjuvant) and 4 booster vaccinations (with incomplete Fuchs adjuvant)

65 days (optional 40 day short cycle)

Rabbit antiserum 60 mL (other hosts separate), 200 μL rabbit preimmunization negative serum (note if required)



Potency Test

The company determines ELISA potency by encapsulating the immunogen in an ELISA.


Project Service Reports



Antibody purification

Antigen affinity purification or Protein A/G purification.


5-10 mg affinity purified antibody




Service Commitment

· Customers are able to detect the target bands after performing endogenous or IP overexpression Western blot assays on small samples (indicating that antibody validation is satisfactory);

· Western blot endogenous or IP overexpression test negative can not meet the experimental needs, indicating that this antibody order validation failed, then Party A does not need to pay the remaining balance of the project;

· Indirect ELISA for antiserum potency, for immunogenic potency, not less than 1:160,000 for rabbit polyclonal antibodies and not less than 1:6,4000 for mouse polyclonal antibodies;

· The client has the right to be kept informed of the progress of the service program and has full ownership of the results.