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Prokaryotic Protein Expression Service


AssayVector has over 10 years of experience in protein expression and has successfully delivered over 2000 proteins including transcription factors, antigens, enzymes, cytokines and more. Over 90% of our proteins are supernatant soluble to maximize retention of protein activity. Based on the mature E. coli expression and purification service platform, we provide recombinant proteins and their complexes expression and purification services in E. coli, the main contents include:

· Gene Design and Codon Optimization Expression Evaluation Report

· Expression and purification of recombinant proteins tagged with 6xHis, Trx, GST, SUMO, MBP, etc.

· Optimization of different protein expression and induction conditions

· Protein purification conditions and SDS-PAGE identification results

· Protein post-processing, such as label removal, endotoxin removal, MS identification, biotin labeling, fluorescein labeling, and other related services

Service Description:

Service Steps 









Gene Synthesis

•Target Gene Synthesis and Codon Optimization


• One copy of the constructed expression vector (containing the target gene sequence)




Vector construction

• Cloning to expression vectors

• Plasmid sequencing

• Bulk Plasmid Preparation


Expression Rating

• Transformation of suitable strains

• Small fermentation cultures

•SDS-PAGE analysis to evaluate protein expression


• Assessment results of Expression

Small amount of protein expression and purification (1 mg)

•Fermentation based on expression evaluation

• Soluble expression - affinity purification

• Inclusion body expression - Denaturation

• SDS-PAGE analysis


• Feasibility Report

• If expression purification is feasible, a certain amount of protein samples will be provided to the customer depending on the expression situation

Bulk expression and purification (optional)

• Shake flask or fermenter culture available


By volume

• Purified Protein

• SDS-PAGE Report

• Lab Report


Service Commitment

· AssayVector can provide a variety of E. coli expression strains, supplemented with different expression conditions to ensure soluble expression.

· Combined with gene design and codon optimization, protein expression and purification processing, the purity of our proteins expressed in prokaryotes is more than 90%.

· Provide protein expression service report with sequencing report, induction conditions, purification conditions and SDS-PAGE identification results.


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